What is Your Favorite Project to Make?

This is a tough one as I tend to go through phases of crocheting different projects. I latch onto one idea and crochet the same thing over and over until something else piques my interest. However, there is always one thing I tend to go back to and have the urge to make.

With that being said, my favorite project to make is blankets. I don’t know what it is about blankets that I like, but I really enjoy making them. I know a lot of people don’t like making blankets often because they can be quite tedious, but I find them enjoyable. Of course, I don’t need any more blankets around the house, but I still find myself gravitating towards making another one.

Bernat 4Chevron Baby Blanket 3Shell Blanket 1I guess it’s because there are so many different patterns, colors, and designs you can do to make up a blanket. I can get lost in the sea of beautiful crocheted blankets I find online or on different TV shows. I’m often saying “crocheted blanket” every time I spot one on TV.

Anyway, what is your favorite project to crochet? Leave a comment below. Be sure to check out and subscribe to my blog for all future projects, hauls, and much more. As always, thanks for stopping by!


Book Review: Crochet Stitch Dictionary by Sarah Hazell

Today’s book review is going to be on Crochet Stitch Dictionary by Sarah Hazell. I received this book as a Christmas present last year and have fallen in love with it. Like the front cover says, there are 200 different stitches you can learn and master. I enjoy new stitches as I feel it helps me learn more about crochet, so I couldn’t wait to get started.

Looking at the contents of this book, I noticed that each stitch mentioned comes with a little picture, so you can see what each stitch will look like. There are also different sections that are color coordinated such as basic stitches, fans and shells, and puffs and bobbles. I felt like this was helpful as they are categorized in some sort of way instead of thrown together without any rhyme or reason.

Crochet Stitch Dictionary

At the beginning of the book, you have a section talking about the different hook sizes as well as the different yarn weights. You also get a quick overview of how to hold a crochet hook, how to hold the yarn, and how to begin by making a slipknot. Towards the back of the book, you have symbols and abbreviations of each stitch and an index of all the stitches mentioned in this book.

What I love about this book is the endless possibilities you can do with each stitch. Once you have mastered a stitch, you can make it into a pattern. Each stitch is beautifully photographed step-by-step, so you are able to see what each stitch would look like. Underneath the pictures you have detailed instructions that will help you achieve each stitch. I have used this book many times when I’m trying to learn a new stitch or am looking to incorporate a stitch into a pattern. I think this is a great resource that all crocheters should have in their book collection.

Have you checked this book out? What are your thoughts?

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Big Head Baby Doll Craze

There has been a lot of buzz in the online crochet community with the recent trend of the Big Head Baby Dolls. I must admit, they are super adorable, and I love all the different creations people are coming up with. The possibilities are truly endless!

When I first heard about this new trend, I knew that I wanted to make a doll (or two). I’m attending an upcoming craft fair, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see how these dolls would sell. For now, I made a simple boy and girl doll.

Big Head Baby Doll BoyBig Head Baby Doll Boy 2The pattern was originally written in Russian, and then translated into English (by someone other than the original author). You can find this pattern on Ravelry by looking up Big Head Baby Doll by Anastasia Makeeva. Unfortunately, I cannot copy the link and add it to this post as it will be in violation. Also, if you are interested in making one of these dolls, and need some inspiration, check out these two Facebook groups: Repeat Crafter Me and Nutshell Lane Studio.

You begin by starting with the legs, crocheting them separately before attaching them together and continuing your way to make the body. Next, you’ll change colors to make the disproportionate head. When completed, they stand about 10” tall. The body might be small, but the head is the exact size of a 3-6 month human baby.

Big Head Baby Doll GirlBig Head Baby Doll Girl 2Even if you are new to crochet, you only need to know one stitch, which is the single crochet stitch. This would even be a great pattern to learn how to make amigurumi (“stuffed crochet”).

If you have made a Big Head Baby Doll, leave a comment with your photo. I would love to see what you come up with! If you haven’t made one of these dolls yet, or don’t know how, what would you choose to make?

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Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn Review

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you my review of the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn. When I first discovered this yarn, I thought the colors were absolutely beautiful. I think my favorites are the Dragonfly and Sunrise colorways as they are simply breathtaking. Each skein is 3.5 ounces and comes in 14 different colorways (see colors here). The yarn is super squishy and soft, making it perfect for cowls, shawls, or scarves. This is classified as a 4-worsted weight yarn and recommends a size J-10 hook for crocheters and a size US 8 for knitters. I like the slow color changes as you get an idea of what one color looks like before it slowly fades into the next color. This yarn is machine washable.Red Heart Boutique 2Red Heart Boutique 3Red Heart Boutique 1I would recommend this yarn to others. I really like the color options and the softness of the yarn. I feel like you get a lot in each skein. One thing to remember with this yarn is that sometimes it goes from a thicker strand to a thinner strand at random. Also, it can be a little difficult to undo your work using this yarn as it tends to snag on itself due to its fuzziness. If you need to frog your work, go slow and take your time to avoid frustration and anger. You can find this yarn in your local craft store or online.

This is a shawl I made using the colorway Sunrise. I absolutely love these colors together!

Red Heart ShawlRed Heart Shawl 2Have you ever used this yarn? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite colorway in this collection?

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