Yarn Review: Lily Sugar ‘N Cream

Today I’m going to review Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton yarn. This yarn is 100% cotton and made in the USA. This is considered a 4-worsted weight yarn and comes in both solid and variegated colors. Each solid skein is 4 oz. while the variegated colors are 3 oz. Some of the colors even come in a bigger 14 oz. cone. For the crocheters out there, the recommended hook size is a size H-8, while the recommended needle size for knitters is a size US 7.

5What I like about this yarn is that it is perfect for dishcloths, coffee mug cozies, hot pads, bath scrubbies, and even Swiffer covers as it is extremely absorbent. This yarn is durable and can withstand daily use well. You can simply let your dishcloth air dry, but when you do need to wash it, you can simply put it in the washer and dryer and you will be able to use it again and again.

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Have You Ever Crocheted in Public? Tell Us About Your Experience.

Yes, I have crocheted in public. It’s usually if I’m waiting for an appointment at the doctor’s office or dentist’s office. When I’m at the dentist’s office, the hygienists are really excited to see what I’m working on and always comment on how talented I am. Everywhere else though people either don’t notice or don’t comment, which is fine. I’m not asking for approval to crochet in public nor am I fishing for compliments. I HATE going to the doctor, so crocheting is a way to distract myself and help me relax before my appointment.

I have also crocheted a little at work. Sometimes I crochet while I’m on break, but I’m usually alone. I started up a beginner crochet class at work, so I’m surrounded by people walking past the class. A few people, including kids, are interested in what we are doing and usually stop for a second to check it out.

Another place I have crocheted in public is at craft fairs. When there are some down times, I usually pick up my hook and current project and continue working on it. The people that walk past my booth comment on the pretty colors, tell me I’m talented, or ask what I’m working on. Again, I’m not looking for compliments, but it’s nice to hear some positive comments from others.

Have you ever crocheted in public? Be sure to comment and tell me your experiences with crocheting (or knitting) in public.

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Crochet Fall Banner

Hey everyone!

Fall is fast approaching, so I thought I would make a small fall project for the house. I have a small banner that I use for the winter, so I wanted to make another banner for the fall. I knew the perfect yarn for this project.

The yarn I chose was Red Heart Super Saver in Autumn. This is the perfect shade of red, orange, brown, and green to make you think of the fall leaves. I used this color to make the banner. I used this banner pattern from Attic 24. It’s very easy to follow, and you can make a ton of different banners for any occasion in any color you want!

img_2304img_2306Next, I wanted to include the word ‘fall’ in my banner. I wanted the letters in white so they stood out against the darker background. The crochet letters that I used can be found here. After, I sewed one letter to each of the four pennants.

img_2308img_2309Once I had all the letters complete, I created a band to join the four pennants together. When connecting each pennant, I wound up not doing any chains in between each pennant as I thought it looked better that way. Once I finished this, I weaved in all my ends.

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Yarn Review-Caron Simply Soft

Today I will be reviewing Caron Simply Soft Yarn. This yarn comes in a variety of solid colors and variegated colors in both bright, vibrant tones as well as cooler, subdued tones. Each skein is super soft and has a nice sheen to them. The solid colored skeins are 6 ounces while the variegated colors are slightly smaller at 4 ounces. The recommend hook size for crocheters is a size H-8. For the knitters out there, the recommended needle size is an US 8. There is no dye lot in this collection. This yarn is machine washable, making it an excellent choice for a variety of projects.

caron-simply-softWhen working with this yarn, I feel like it glides smoothly on my crochet hook. I love the abundance of color options out there and, of course, the softness of the yarn. Even though it’s a thinner worsted weight yarn, it still holds up well. I have used this yarn in a variety of projects, such as baby sweaters. I’ll be making a sweater for myself using this yarn soon.


I highly recommend trying this yarn out. It’s soft, plush, and wonderful to work with. I think it’s an excellent yarn for baby items as it is super soft yet durable. If you have used this yarn, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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Labor Day Yarn Haul

Hey everyone!

Happy Labor Day! Because this was a holiday weekend, there were a TON of sales in every store. I decided to take advantage of this and see what’s out there. While I did pick up a couple of things for myself and for the house, I also picked up some yarn. Here’s what I got:

The first thing I picked up was three skeins of Caron Cake in the color Bumbleberry. I’ve heard a lot about these since they were released, so I knew I had to get my hands on this yarn. I love the initial look of it because you can see all of the color changes when you look at it front the top. It’s soft and squishy, which I love. The colors of this line are gorgeous, and I wanted them all, but I settled on getting this purple one for now. I plan on making a baby blanket out of it at some point. A review of this yarn will also be in the works.


The next yarn brand I picked up was Caron Simply Soft in the color Robin’s Egg. I drool over this color every time I spot it, but for whatever reason never picked it up. I found a sweater pattern that I love and knew this color would be perfect. It is soft and overall just a very pretty color. I can’t wait to see how the sweater will turn out. You can check out a review of this yarn here.

caron-simply-softFinally, I picked up 3 skeins of the Bernat Baby Blanket in Funny Prints. I already had a skein of this at home, so I picked up a few more in order to make a baby blanket. I’m following the same pattern as I did here with this blanket. This probably is one of my favorite yarns as it is super soft and squishy. The end result is a very cuddly blanket. For a review of this yarn, please check out this link.

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Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set

Today I’m reviewing the Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set. I purchased this 10 size set, along with the bigger sized crochet hooks. This 10 size set ranges from a size B (2.25mm) to a size J (6.00mm).

Clover Amour SetThe first thing you’ll notice about this hook set is the different colored grips. These grips, which are made out of elastomer rubber, provide comfort while crocheting. Not only do they have the size of the hook, but they have the letter etched into the side as well. Because the grips are different colors, you are easily able to identify the size you need. I’ve been using metal Susan Bates hooks for about 10 years now, and boy can I feel the difference! My hands and wrist used to hurt after crocheting for a few hours, but not with Clover Amour! I often find myself crocheting faster because these hooks are so lightweight. I crochet A LOT, so when I noticed how fast my projects were working up, I was happy with the results. (Note: I’ve been using these hooks for about a year now.)

Clover Amour H HookClover Amour H Hook 2Another thing to note is that the larger sized hooks are plastic. I’ve used some plastic hooks in the past and always heard that annoying squeak sound whenever I made a stitch. Even though the bigger Amour hooks are plastic, there isn’t any squeak sound at all. They glide through each stitch as easily as the smaller Clover Amour hooks do. These bigger sized hooks range from a size K (6.5mm) to a size P/Q (15.0mm).

Clover Amour Big SetClover Amour L HookClover Amour L Hook 2Overall, I’m really impressed with these two hook sets. They can be a bit on the pricey side, but they’re totally worth it! They are my go-to crochet hooks! I bought mine off Amazon, which I found was cheaper. You can always stock up on Joann Fabric coupons though too and buy them that way. Just a word of note: I found it was cheaper to buy the bigger crochet hooks individually rather than purchasing them in a set. I HIGHLY recommend these hooks as they are a dream come true!

Have you ever used these hooks? What are your thoughts?

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