Crochet Fall Banner

Hey everyone!

Fall is fast approaching, so I thought I would make a small fall project for the house. I have a small banner that I use for the winter, so I wanted to make another banner for the fall. I knew the perfect yarn for this project.

The yarn I chose was Red Heart Super Saver in Autumn. This is the perfect shade of red, orange, brown, and green to make you think of the fall leaves. I used this color to make the banner. I used this banner pattern from Attic 24. It’s very easy to follow, and you can make a ton of different banners for any occasion in any color you want!

img_2304img_2306Next, I wanted to include the word ‘fall’ in my banner. I wanted the letters in white so they stood out against the darker background. The crochet letters that I used can be found here. After, I sewed one letter to each of the four pennants.

img_2308img_2309Once I had all the letters complete, I created a band to join the four pennants together. When connecting each pennant, I wound up not doing any chains in between each pennant as I thought it looked better that way. Once I finished this, I weaved in all my ends.

img_2316There you have it! Be sure to check out and subscribe to my blog for all future projects, hauls, and much more. As always, thanks for stopping by!


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