Have You Ever Crocheted in Public? Tell Us About Your Experience.

Yes, I have crocheted in public. It’s usually if I’m waiting for an appointment at the doctor’s office or dentist’s office. When I’m at the dentist’s office, the hygienists are really excited to see what I’m working on and always comment on how talented I am. Everywhere else though people either don’t notice or don’t comment, which is fine. I’m not asking for approval to crochet in public nor am I fishing for compliments. I HATE going to the doctor, so crocheting is a way to distract myself and help me relax before my appointment.

I have also crocheted a little at work. Sometimes I crochet while I’m on break, but I’m usually alone. I started up a beginner crochet class at work, so I’m surrounded by people walking past the class. A few people, including kids, are interested in what we are doing and usually stop for a second to check it out.

Another place I have crocheted in public is at craft fairs. When there are some down times, I usually pick up my hook and current project and continue working on it. The people that walk past my booth comment on the pretty colors, tell me I’m talented, or ask what I’m working on. Again, I’m not looking for compliments, but it’s nice to hear some positive comments from others.

Have you ever crocheted in public? Be sure to comment and tell me your experiences with crocheting (or knitting) in public.

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2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Crocheted in Public? Tell Us About Your Experience.

  1. dolldimensions says:

    Your crochet group at work sounds so cool! I don’t have a group to work in, but I do crochet/knit while I wait on my mom in the doctor’s office or grocery store. I’ve actually had people come up and ask how I was doing a certain stitch or technique because they were crocheters too! It’s not very often, though. Usually not many people notice, though, so it’s fun when they do. 😀


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