Things Every Crocheter Needs

Today I’m going to share with you my favorite tools and supplies. These things are all essential things that I use (and love!) constantly while I crochet.

♥Yarn-You can’t start a crochet project without yarn! There are so many choices out there, so be sure to choose which yarn would work best for your project. You might find some yarn works best than others for certain projects. Some of my favorites are Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn, Deborah Norville Every Day Yarn, and Bernat Softee Baby.

Bernat Softee Baby♥Clover Amour Crochet Hooks-For the longest time, I’ve always used aluminum crochet hooks. I discovered the Clover Amour Crochet Hooks not too long ago, so I bought the complete set off Amazon. Boy, am I glad I did! These are the BEST hooks I have ever used! They not only help my hands from cramping up, but they glide easily through my projects. For a full review, check out this blog post.

Clover Amour Set♥Scissors-This is essential. I always keep a pair of scissors next to me.

scissors♥Tapestry Needles-This is essential for weaving in those ends!

tapestry-needle♥Measuring Tape-This is pretty self-explanatory. I use this when I need to measure out a project.

tape-measure♥ Stitch Markers-These are great for keeping track of where you left off in your project, especially when working in the round. There are many different stitch markers to choose from (included a bobby pin), but I use these from Clover.

stitch-markers♥Crochet Hook Case-This is important to keep all of your crochet hooks together instead of misplacing them. I keep mine in a cute little makeup bag that I bought from Walmart.

crochet-hook-case♥Project Bag or Ikea Cart-A lot of people like to keep their crochet projects in a bag. This helps keep everything together, especially if you are taking it with you somewhere. While I don’t have a specific project bag, I LOVE using my Ikea cart to keep everything together. I actually have two of them. One I keep next to the couch (where I do most of my crocheting) and the other I keep in my craft room for extra storage. These are great as they have wheels can be transported from room to room when needed.

ikea cart♥Notebook and Pen-I keep a small notebook and pen next to me just in case I need to write down any notes.

notebook-and-pen♥ Pom Pom Makers-These are so helpful when it comes to making pom poms. The ones I use are from Clover. They come in a few different sizes depending on the size pom pom you want.

pom-pom-maker♥Yarn Winder-This is great when you have to frog a project. Instead of getting your yarn all tangled, you can make yarn cakes to keep everything neat and organized. The one I use is the Stanwood Needlecraft YBW-A Hand Operated Yarn Winder. I really like this one a lot and it gets the job done.

yarn-winder♥Yarn Storage-This is a must as you will inevitably become a yarn hoarder. You don’t necessarily have to have a craft room (although it’s great if you have the space), but you will need to find something to keep your yarn in. A basket, storage bin, and even shelving are all great options.

yarn-storage♥Good Lighting-This is essential if you want to see what you are working on. Sometimes just an ordinary lamp isn’t enough. I HIGHLY recommend getting an OttLite. They provided a much brighter light so you can see each and every stitch. I purchased mine at Joann Fabrics when they were having a sale.

favorite crochet spot♥ Comfy Chair-You will probably spend a good deal of time crocheting, so why not be comfortable when doing so? I’m usually sitting on the couch when I crochet as I’m able to put up the recliner and get settled in.


♥Patience-I tell people all the time that you have to be patient when it comes to learning something new. It will take some time to get used to the muscle memory and get your tension correct. Don’t give up! You can learn how to crochet if you exercise some patience.

What are your favorite crochet must-haves? Leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Things Every Crocheter Needs

  1. Stacey Halliday says:

    Loved the yarn cart, and the yarn winder you have. I do have a yarn winder, but it doesn’t really get the job done easily. On about the 4th or 5th try it might work!😄
    Stacey H.


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