Loom Knitting Experience

Hey everyone!

A few years ago I received this round loom set from my boyfriend for Christmas. I’ve always wanted to try out loom knitting, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

This set comes with four different looms: 5 ½”, 7 ½”, 9 ½” and 11 ½” loom. A hook, needle (which apparently I lost), and instructions are also included in the box. With this set you can make hats and scarves.

img_2451I decided to do a simple hat as my first project. Upon first working with this, I didn’t find the instructions and the process of loom knitting all that difficult. It does take some time to get used to, but I would imagine you will get faster with time. However, I did notice, and maybe this is just me, that you have to either double up on worsted weight yarn or use a bulky weight yarn achieve better results. I did my first hat using only one strand of worsted weight yarn and I just didn’t like the way it looked. My tension was good, but I felt like it had too many holes and wouldn’t hold up very well. My next couple of hats, I used two strands of worsted weight yarn. To finish, you sew the top together. I added a pom to each hat for fun.

This hat has a roll up brim:

img_2450img_2449This hat has a small brim on the bottom:

img_2446img_2445Overall, I enjoy loom knitting, but it’s not my first go-to project. I know I need to use this set more as I’ll get better at it and even get a little faster. However, my only issue with this is the start of it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it seems like the first peg or so makes the yarn stretch a little more leaving a big seam and wide gap in between stitches. (See picture below in between the two red arrows) Does anyone else have this problem?  Am I doing something wrong? Please leave a comment and let me know if there’s a way to fix this!

img_2454Be sure to check out and subscribe to my blog for all future projects, hauls, and much more. As always, thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Loom Knitting Experience

  1. dolldimensions says:

    That’s so funny that you would mention getting a gap near the first peg…every time that I’ve ever tried loom knitting, I’ve had that exact same problem! I have no idea how to fix it either, unfortunately. 😦 Your hats look adorable, though! 😀 ❤


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