Why I Crochet for Charity

Crocheting for charity can be a wonderful thing as you know you are making something for someone in need. It’s also a great opportunity to give back if you want to do something other than giving a monetary donation. Many people feel fulfilled if they are able to help someone out, even in a small gesture by donating a hat, scarf, or other handmade item. Whatever the reason for crocheting for charity, this is a great way to help make a difference in the world.

I started donating my crochet items to charities for a few years. I know I have the talent to make things, but after having my crochet items pile up, I thought it was time to do something about it. After all, there are only so many family members you can crochet things for, especially if you have a small family like I do. While I do sell most of my crochet items at craft fairs, and I’m trying to get more involved in Etsy, I wanted to also donate some of my items as well.

Donating my crochet items to charity gives me a chance to work on different stitches and patterns that I’m just learning and practicing.  The more you practice a stitch, the better you will get at them. Plus it’s an opportunity to give someone in need one of my crochet items rather than my items piling up in my closet.

I have donated to a few different charities over the years, one being the American Heart Association. They are looking for red newborn hats, which will then be given to babies born in hospitals during the month of February. This is to support American Heart Month. I have donated hats to them a couple of times. However, this year they have so many hats that they are not requesting anymore. I’m sure it’s different for every state, but this is what I found out this year in the state of Illinois.

Image result for little hats big hearts

Warm Up America is another charity I have donated to. This charity is looking for baby blankets to help warm newborns born in Parkland Hospital. Participants can also crochet or knit 7”x9” squares that will then be sewn into a baby blanket. This is a great opportunity for someone like me who loves making blankets.

Image result for warm up america

Another charity I have donated to is Comfort for Critters. This charity is about providing comfort to animals living in shelters awaiting their forever home in the form of a pet bed. This will give the animal some comfort but also provide something familiar to them. Once that animal is adopted, the pet bed will go with them as they adjust to their new home. This is probably one of my favorite charities to donate to as I love animals. I probably have donated over 100 pet mats to them this year alone! As someone with a rescue animal myself, this means a great deal to me.

Image result for comfort for critters

Have you donated to charity? Which charities have you donated to? Let me know in the comments below.

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