Book Review: Cuddly Crochet by Stacey Trock

Hey everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing Stacey Trock’s book titled Cuddly Crochet. I first discovered this book a few years ago when I was listening to Stacey’s podcast Crochet Chat. Sadly, she no longer has this podcast, but I am grateful that I was able to discover her website and her books. Her website is amazing and very colorful. She designs adorable amigurumi, which I just had to try out for myself.

cuddly-crochetcuddly-crochet-bookWhen it first started looking through this book, I noticed how detailed it was. She gave instructions for how to make each piece, different yarns she used and yarn substitutions, and of course different toys, hats, and blankets to make. For me, I wanted to start with something simple so I wouldn’t get discouraged and upset if something was confusing and didn’t turn out the way that I would like it to. I settled on making a bear. The bear turned out super cute and I couldn’t wait to get started on the next stuffed animal.

crochet-bearOverall, I think this book is well-written, detailed, and provides lots of beautiful pictures so you know what you are making. At the beginning of the book, Stacey provides different hat sizes, discusses different crochet stitches, and provides an alternative for child safety eyes. Towards the back of the book are different resources where you can find yarn substitutions, pattern abbreviations, and yarns featured in each pattern. Stacey also provides a list of different websites you can visit to purchase yarn, hooks, and other materials. If you are interested in crocheting amigurumi, this is one book you should definitely pick up!

crochet-bunnyTo find out more information about Stacey Trock, please visit her website:

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