Book Review: Crocheted Softies by Stacey Trock

Hi everyone!

Today’s book review is going to be on Stacey Trock’s second Amigurumi book titled Crocheted Softies. Comparing this book to her first book, which you can check out here, she has done another wonderful job in coming up with more adorable designs. With this book, the designs featured are animals from around the world.

book-review-crochet-softiesMuch like the first book, Stacey provides information about different stitches, yarn and yarn substitutes, and how to make child-safe eyes. She also has different yarn weights, a glossary of abbreviations, and resources where you can purchase different yarns and other materials towards the back of the book. Throughout the book, Stacey provides little tips to help you create each stuffed animal. Featured in the book are two different animals from each part of the world. For example, from Africa she features a cute giraffe and elephant. She even created two different aliens from outer space.

crochet-softies-book-reviewWhat I love about this book is how well-written it is. Stacey makes it easy to create each of these animals by providing detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Most of the animals start off with a basic head and body shape, so once you have that, you can continue on with whatever animal you are making. I highly recommend checking this book out and discovering your next project.

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