Yarn Review: Deborah Norville Everyday Yarn

Today I will be reviewing Deborah Norville Everyday yarn. This yarn is considered a 4-worsted weight premium 100% acrylic yarn. The yarn label says that it is anti-pilling. For the crocheters out there, the recommended hook size is a size I-9. The recommended needle size for knitters is a size US 8. Each solid skein is 4 oz. while the variegated colors are 3.5 oz. This collection comes in a beautiful array of colors and is one of the softest yarns I have ever used. It is machine washable.20150501_16291720151228_205543I absolutely LOVE this yarn!! I love the richness of each solid color and love the combinations of the variegated colors. The solid colors pair up well to match the variegated colors. I have used this yarn for a variety of different projects such as hats and baby blankets. I bought a TON of this yarn a while back when it was on sale at Joann Fabrics for $1.99. Working with this yarn is an absolute dream as it glides easily on your crochet hook and is very soft to work with. This is one of my go-to yarns. I HIGHLY recommend picking up a few skeins and trying it out yourself. You won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for a soft acrylic yarn, this is the yarn for you!

Pattern Credits: Divine Hat and Granny Stripe Blanket

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7 thoughts on “Yarn Review: Deborah Norville Everyday Yarn

  1. Felecia says:

    It’s possible I missed something but I don’t really see a “review” done on this yarn. I see a comment that it is soft and a comment regarding needle size (which is on the label) But I don’t see anything about how it holds up or if the anti-pill is accurate. I would expect at the least that. Does anyone know if this yarn pills or if it holds up under daily use? I am considering making a blanket in it and it is a lot of work so I’d like to know that I’m not wasting my time or my money. If anyone does have a review for this particular yarn please let me know. Thanks!


    • amandacrochets says:

      Thank you stopping by and reading my blog. I have updated this review to include my thoughts on the anti-pulling of this yarn. I hope this answers any questions that you have. If you decide to use this yarn for a blanket, I think you will find it quite enjoyable and that it holds up extremely well after washing. If you have any other comments/questions, please let me know. Thanks!


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